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Project’s purposes

DataStyler Report Generating template designer (DataStyler Designer) allows to create/modify report templates quickly and easily, without special programming knowledge and coding, using intuitive friendly drag-n-drop interface.You should have prepared XML data file, then select an XML element, drag and drop it into report template to populate data from XML file into final report.Template editing (borders, fonts, margins, etc.) is performed using well known Microsoft Word features.

Technologies used

Word 2003, Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), XEP-engine.

What's needed: Word 2003 or 2007 (Microsoft) & XEP (RenderX)

Get started quickly and easily.

Important features


Design template by Word
Simple and wide-used environment of MS Word 2003-2007 for designing templates.
2 Rich Client
Rich Client desktop application (dockable GUI, selectable GUI perspectives for different type of tasks, persisting user’s workbench, Plug-in technology for updates - ability to improve functionality by append new plug-ins without recompiling, improving accordingly Eclipse platform is growing).
3 PDF, PostScript, AFP output formats
Multiple report formats by integration with XEP-engine. Fast previewing designed reports.


Fast data merging
Sophisticated data merging process (filtering, master-details, calculated fields, formatting masks, etc.) and wide amount of special Property editors for different aspects of embedding.


Easy Deployment. Easy Integration
Easy installation (either by using special installation programs like InstallShield or without it). Integration with XMLRG web-based reporting system.


Please note: this is a RenderX Labs beta product and your feedback can help us get it up and running.

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