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Generate report

  1. Open Web browser.
  2. Connect to http://www.xmlrg.com:1977/xmlrg/login.htm .
  3. Enter Username and Password (test/test if you get connected for the first time).
  4. On the left pane, select the report you want to generate. After that available report types will appear.
  5. Let’s pick up "PO Modern" type. The System retrieves all available PO’s from the database.
  6. Now you can filter out data using any field with conditions you want.
  7. Now we can generate the report. Click on the PO you have to create the one.
  8. On the following window (tab) choose the output format and paper size and click on GENERATE button. Your report will be opened in a separate window.

Create new report

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  1. Open Web browser.
  2. Connect to http://www.xmlrg.com:1977/xmlrg/login.htm .
  3. Enter Username and Password.
  4. Go to "Admin" tab.
  5. Select in menu Import/Export report item "Create new Report". You could assign report’s name, description and category in appropriate fields.
  6. Save the downloaded file with new report data as local file by ckicking on "Create new report" button.
  7. Create template for new report by DataStyler designer import of the downloaded file.
  8. Upload file exported by DataStyler with new template using "Add/Modify Report" menu item.
  9. Set up user access rights for the new report by clicking on "User List" a "rights" for the given user and adding the new report to the list of available reports.
  10. Select newly added report in report list of "Report & Style" tab.
  11. Then you do the same operations as described in "Generate Report" section.

Modify existing report

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  1. After you create new report by Admin/Import-Export/Create new Report and design template using MS Word and DataStyler should use menu Adding/modifying to add report within the system.
  2. At any time you can export existing report by Import-Export menu for modifying template.
  3. Select Import-Export link and choose existing report from drop-down list box.
  4. Then click item Edit Report for download file with template.
  5. Finally update changed report by Adding/modifying report.

User rights for new report

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  1. Menu User List allows administrating list of the system users and maps list of reports to some user.
  2. To Add, Edit or Delete user you should use appropriate links in user list in content pane of the system.
  3. To manage access rights of the selected user to reports list use link Rights and appeared form with list of currently accessed and currently available reports for this user.

Please note: this is a RenderX Labs Beta product and your feedback can help us get it up and running.

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