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System's purposes

The purposes of the System is to integrate corporate data into reports and transform them into the high-quality printed documents (e.g. PDF, PostScript, AFP). The System works with corporate Data Bases (DBs) of arbitrary structure, i.e. classic relational as well as post-relational based on XML-documents processing, like Oracle XML DB.

Technologies used:

Web-interface, cross-platform pure-Java server-side, Oracle XDB, MS Word template design, XEP-engine, open standards: XML, XSLT, SVG.


1 Web-client
The System uses web interface for users access to reports and manages data merging process (e.g. filtering data). The client side was tested using the most popular internet browsers: Internet Explorer 6, 7; Firefox 1.5, 2.0, Opera 8, Konqueror. You can login from any computer – only web browser is needed.
1 Easy deployment of the server-side
Easy installation process and installation tuning. Installer allows to create all repositories needed for successful application running, including Tomcat configuration.


Simple Report’s template creating process based on MS Word environment
The environment for the creation and modification of templates is well known MS Word 2003 – 2007 and desktop application, working together with MS Word, to describe data in the report in a comprehensible way to the user. The System allows to create custom report using MS Word – no special editors, no programming knowledge needed.
3 Sophisticated data embedding process (filtering, master-details, calculated fields, formatting masks, SVG, etc.)
The System allows to create not just reports based on data stored in DB, but add features like filtering, totals and subtotals, formatting styles, etc.


Can work with any customer DB (JDBC-support needed, XML API must be supported)
Chargeable remote web-service.


Dynamic e-forms supported
It is possible to create custom report using existing template, to fill it out manually and to receive an output report "on-the-fly".


Multiple report formats
The System allows to choose different output formats defined by XEP – PDF, Postscript, AFP.

Please note: this is a RenderX Labs Beta product and your feedback can help us get it up and running.

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